Online Campaign "A safer World for Girls"

May 05, 2013


Marriages under 18 years of age are consistently depriving number of children from their basic rights of health, education and protection across the globe especially in the developing countries. According to latest estimates by UNICEF, worldwide almost 400 million women currently aged 20 to 49 were married or entered into a union when they were under 18 years old. Many of these marriages involved children much younger than 16 years old.

South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa have the highest prevalence of child marriage (46 per cent and 37 per cent, respectively). They also show the greatest disparities, with 50 per cent or more of girls belonging to the least advantaged groups being married—that is, girls who live in rural areas, have no education and live in the poorest 20 per cent of households. Lack of awareness on the harmful consequences, poverty, ineffective implementation of related laws and legislations and lack of access especially of females to education are the leading factors behind this increasing practice.

Owing to the situation, Rutgers WPF has initiated a social media campaign “A safer World for Girls” with a thematic focus on curbing the evil practice of child marriages around the globe particularly in Asia in observance of the International Mother’s in May. The organization In this regard, Rutgers WPF seeks to involve CSOs representatives, media persons, youths and other human rights activists of South-Asian countries to jointly raise voice against the issue through joining our online networks.

Campaign Aim’s and Objectives:



To create awareness and acceptance at the community level regarding the harmful social, economic and health consequences of early marriage amongst South-Asian countries with the help of social media networks (face page, SMS, blogs) in commemoration of Mother’s Day of 2013.



  1. To sensitize communities level on the harmful consequences of early marriage with the help of social media networks
  2. To involve media persons in advocating responsible stakeholders on the harmful consequences of child marriages and immediate need of raising legal age of marriage for girls
  3. To mobilize the support for strengthening the advocacy efforts of civil society organizations of South Asian countries for eliminating/reducing child marriages from their country
  4. To initiate process of online petition on the issue of Child Marriages targeting general public, CSOs, youths and media
  5. To send letters/information material to different stakeholders including Government departments/policy makers on the basis of signatures collected through online petition to advocate them on the harmful consequences of child marriages